SD-L7-L9 Laser Light (Color) (Pair)

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These are a game-changer!
Our FURTHEST-REACHING lights ever – with an ability to light up objects up to a simply insane 1.7km away!

This is the-Exact light our race teams will be using...

Introducing the revolutionary, game-changing Adventure Laser Driving Lights – the driving lights that simply leave all other driving lights in their dust.

Laser lights are at the very forefront of driving light technology. This isn’t just science fiction – this is the real deal! With a combination of 24 OSRAM LEDS surrounding a high tech specially designed Laser module, these insane lights produce the type of light performance that other lights can only dream of.

The true mark of how good a driving light is, is in its efficiency. The amazing 8.5” Laser Driving Lights boast an incredible 83 lumens per watt – meaning they produce heaps of light, while drawing comparatively very little power.

But sheer performance isn’t just what sets these lights apart. They’ve got an incredible next-generation look to them, as well as insanely heavy-duty steel mounts with laser-cut trim pieces that are built to withstand just about anything you can throw at them.

With an IP68 water and dustproof rating and a waterproof Deutsch connector, the Adventure 8.5” Laser Driving Lights are the new platinum standard in world driving lights!