3 Reasons Amber Lights on your OHV are a Must

3 Reasons Amber Lights on your OHV are a Must

There are several advantages to using yellow or amber lights on your OHV.  Some of these advantages even apply to OHV emergency vehicles that are out on the trails in rural areas.  Amber lights can increase visibility in certain situations and can be installed on your OHV easily using lenses or by adding light bars and/or pod lights to your OHV.  Here are 3 ways amber lights can be an advantage to any OHV driver.  


#1 Using Amber Lights on Your OHV in the Rain

Yellow and amber lights are an advantage in bad weather.  This is because of the specific light frequency of amber lights.  Ever been caught in the rain during an OHV ride? Amber lights can penetrate water rather than reflecting off of it.  This feature of amber lights allows you to have better visibility in rain, fog, and to be able to more accurately gauge the depth of a puddle before attempting to cross it.  This is not only essential when you are out on your OHV for pleasure, but can also serve safety and rescue OHV crews in navigating rough terrain in severe weather.


#2 Using Amber Lights on Your OHV in the Snow and Fog

Installing amber OHV lights is beneficial if you live in an area that sees snow and fog frequently throughout the year.  Amber light beams are proven to help drivers see in heavy fog and snow.  Similar to the reflective properties of water, snow and fog can be difficult to drive in while battling reflections.  Amber light cuts through the reflection and allows you to safely operate your OHV in adverse weather.


#3 Do I Need Amber Off-road Lights?

YES! Whether you live in the desert or in snow country, amber off-road lights are a huge asset to your OHV and a simple way to improve safety.  Not only do amber lights help in a variety of off road driving situations, there are several options for installation.  These installation options also fit any budget with SD 911 Lenses or a Slim Series Light Bar.


Amber lights for your OHV add value to your OHV and serve as a simple safety feature, to ensure all your adventures are enjoyable.  From night racing to pleasure riding, amber lights can get you from point A to point B.

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