5 Types of Off Roading Vehicles, and OHV Lights That Pair Perfectly

5 Types of Off Roading Vehicles, and OHV Lights That Pair Perfectly

Green Laning

Green laning is the perfect type of off-roading for a newcomer or someone that enjoys the outdoors but prefers to take less risk in their OHV.  Green laning gets its name because the trails you ride on are often speckled in weeds or native plant life.  Green laning riding will have you covering long dirt trails with little to know steep climbs or hard turns.  This type of off-roading is perfect for a leisurely weekend ride or as a way to give out of town guests a tour of the local outdoors without taking to the rocks for steep climbs and slow crawls.  If you find that green laning is the type of off-roading that suits you best, make sure you outfit your OHV with the proper lights and equipment.  SD Lighting carries pod lights that can be added to your factory roll cage or any bully bar or bulkhead that you have added to your machine.  Pod lights come in different colors and sizes so that you can place them where they are most beneficial to you.

Dune Bashing

The sand dunes! There’s nothing quite like flipping up sand with those paddle tires on a long holiday weekend.  Dune bashing is another type of off-roading that is great for the thrill seeker.  The name of the game in dune bashing is speed and to just avoid getting stuck.  Whether you are new to dune bashing or you are an experienced driver, a roll cage is highly recommended.  Sand dunes are steep.  You will experience steep inclines and deep drops as you flip up the sand.  Installing a roll cage serves to provide additional safety for you and your riders, as well as a place to mount lighted mirrors.  Installing lighted mirrors means increased riding time as the sun starts to set and additional sight lines.

Rock Crawling

Arguably the most challenging type of off-roading, rock crawling is not for the weak at heart or anyone afraid of heights.  Rock climbing takes patience and skill.  OHV lights mounted to the bumpers and fenders of your machine will allow you to see exactly where your tires are pointed and allow you to then make the necessary adjustments as you crawl over and up the rocks of places like Broken Arrow Trail in Sedona.  This type of off-roading should only be attempted if you are experienced or have a proper guide and trainer with you.


Mudding! It’s everything you imagine to be.  Mud, mud, and more mud.  With this type of off-roading comes a mess of mud caked all over you and your machine and that’s part of the fun.  Of course, getting stuck is part of the process and makes for some good stories to tell when you get back home.  You’ll need to get un-stuck before you can tell those stores though.  Yes, un-stuck is a term coined by many a off-roader.  Installing bulkhead lights will help you illuminate the trail and any wench or tow strap that you use to get yourself out of a muddy situation.  

Cross-Country Off-Roading

Cross-country off-roading is another type of off-roading that many OHV owners enjoy. This type of off-roading is for the driver that is in it for the long haul and is dedicated to spending large amounts of time on the trail.  Cross-country off-roading involves driving long distances over several days and camping out along the way.  This is a great way to experience all five types of off-roading.  You may start out green laning, move to rock crawling and then hit the dunes, and find some mud along the way.  Experiencing several different terrains along the way means that you need to equip your OHV to handle any situation.  When you are off-roading it is a matter of when you will get stuck, not if.  This is especially true in cross-county off-roading.  The probability increases greatly as you traverse several different terrains in the same trip.  To be and remain properly equipped, consider installing a light bar to better prepare to see the trails at night or in harsh weather.  Light bars can be installed to the bulkhead, bully bar, or up above, on the rooftop.  Providing sufficient light for your adventures will help you avoid obstacles on the trail and increase safety as you are out on the trail for long periods of time.


Whatever off-roading type you like, or whatever type you think you’d like to try out of the trails of Arizona, we are your dealer for OHV lights and accessories.  Pick a terrain, pick a trail, and get after it!  Enjoy those adventures out on the trails with safety in mind, with the best lights for your chosen terrain.



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