How to Enjoy a Snowy Off Road Adventure

The wintery white flakes are falling from the sky and it’s time to get out there and enjoy it!  Build a snowman, dust off the skis, have a snowball fight, and get off road and send the snow flying.  Prepare for snow off road by preparing your OHV ahead of time.  Any off road time comes with risks but minimizing the likelihood of an accident or situation that might require a rescue party.  Here are some simple ways you can be prepared and still have fun in the snow. 

 An OHV is much heavier than a snowmobile or ski sled so while it may not be built for powdery snow, you can still have fun riding in a few inches of the white stuff.  Before heading out on your off road adventure there are a few things to consider as you move from summer riding to winter riding.  Check your OHV fluids and make sure that they are suitable to handle freezing temperatures. Once your OHV is ready, make sure you are.  Driving in winter weather is much different than the summer sand dunes.  Your reaction time to obstacles on the trail may not change season to season but the reaction time of your OHV is vastly different in the snow. Give your machine extra time and space when braking and turning.  Not only will your off road vehicle behave differently in the snow than in the desert sand, but the snow acts differently than the sand. Sand tires on an OHV will act like paddles and push the sand away from the tires, where the snow will form around the tires and create ruts in the ground.  All of this isn’t to say that you won’t still encounter obstacles or even find yourself stuck in the snow.  If you have driven off road for any length of time you know that it’s not a matter of if you get stuck, but when.  Being prepared for this event is just as important in the snow as anywhere else.  Be prepared with proper clothing, water, snacks, a small shovel,  flashlightsradio equipment or a phone so that you can get help on its way if you need it, and a wench or tow straps at the least.  While you are out enjoying the snowy weather, remember that it often comes with cloud cover and the sun sets sooner during the winter months.  While you are preparing for your snowy off road adventure, don’t forget to make sure your lighting is in working order and sufficient for your vehicle.  SD Lighting pod lights and light bars can create the illumination you need to stay safe on the trail and enjoy the snow.  

Don’t let the weather stop your off road adventures. Embrace the snow and the fun!  Gear up with SD Lighthing and review these tips before you go so that you stay safe out on the trails.

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Your guide on ‘How to Enjoy a Snowy Off Road Adventure’ is an absolute gem! It’s filled with valuable tips and insights that will surely make anyone’s snowy off-road experience not just enjoyable but also safe and memorable. Your expertise shines through, and I appreciate the effort you put into sharing this valuable information

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