Outfit Your Hunting OHV with the Off Road Lights

Outfit Your Hunting OHV with the Off Road Lights

Hunting season is here and if you are anything like most hunters, you are making a shopping list and heading to your nearest outdoor store.  While you are making your list of needed guns, ammo, trail cams, and tree stands, don’t forget to add off road lights to your list. SD Lighting has several options to fit your hunting needs.

Using off road lights while hunting can seem counterintuitive at first, but consider the advancements that have been made in the way you hunt since your granddad first showed you his favorite hunting spot.  There are many advantages and tools available now that just weren’t an option back in the good old days.  One of those is the use of OHV’s to get to your lucky hunting area.  The use of OHV’s in hunting is a popular choice and while you are sighting in your scope and choosing the best spot for your blind, you also need to consider off road for your OHV. 

Off road lighting on your OHV can be a great advantage to a hunter.   While most OHV’s come with stock halogen lights, those typically cast a yellow or amber light, making it difficult to see clearly and far enough ahead to stay safe on the trail.  The amber glow of halogen lights can also prove ineffective as we age and struggle to see in the dark. Clear LED lights serve to enhance brightness and can be found in lightbars, head lights, and spotlights. These off road LED lights help you see further down the trail, are helpful in getting down the trail quickly, assist in getting to your blind in the early morning hours, and allow you to hunt longer into the evening.

When deciding on a specific off road LED light for your OHV, there are a few things to consider.  Firstly, if you are hunting at night, you may prefer green or red lights as they offer an advantage when hunting hogs and wolves.  These colored off road lights are typically mounted for use as accessory lights such as the RG-2R CHASE LIGHT Once your hunt is over, an LED lightbar such as the Geiser/SD Lightbar or a spot light like the DG-23 Spot/Flood Light can help you get back to camp safely when you are navigating rough terrain and backcountry.  

Secondly, make sure to check the owners manual to see if your particular OHV can handle the power draw of any accessory lights you plan to add.  If your OHV cannot handle the additional power draw, you may need an accessory battery in addition to any off road lights you purchase.

Lastly, consider where your new off road lights will be mounted.  Check to make sure there is enough space on your roll cage to accommodate the light bar or spotlight you choose.  In addition to lighting, you can add SD brackets to your purchase.  We do recommend hiring a professional for installation if you are not familiar with installing lights on OHVs.  

Hunting is a centuries old tradition and sport, and while some of the old tips and tricks your grandad taught are still handy, you cannot beat the advantage of an OHV equipped with the right off road lighting to help you drop that game and fill that hunting tag.  

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