The Top 6 Places to Install OHV Lights

The Top 6 Places to Install OHV Lights

Individual pod lights are a simple, effective option for OHV owners. Using one of our bracket systems  lights are easy to install.  There are several places to install pod lights on your OHV for maximum enjoyment and safety during your off-road adventures.  Here are six places you can install them before your next off-road adventure. 

Pod Lights on the Front and Rear Bumpers:

Installing off road pod lights directly onto your front or rear bumper gives you an immediate advantage against the dark during those night rides and races.  Some OHV’s have bumpers that are prepared to accommodate pod lights without the need to install additional equipment.  If that is not the case with your off-road vehicle, you may need to purchase brackets to secure the pod lights to your front and/or rear bumpers.  

Mounting Pod Lights Below Your Side Mirrors:

Side mirrors on your OHV are essential when you are driving around for leisure, but even more so if you are racing your OHV for pleasure or sport.  They also serve as a mounting area for pod lights.  Mounting forward facing pod lights from your side mirrors allows you to essentially have an extra pair of headlights.  This additional illumination can be the assist you need when hunting, racing, or simply enjoying an evening out on the trail.

Adding Pod Lights to the Front Roof Bar: 

A full light bar is always an option for atop your OHV, but individual pod lights are also a way to customize your lighting.  Individual pod lights can be mounted specifically for your needs.  Weather that is hunting, racing, emergency services, or night rides with the family.  Pod lights can be mounted where you need them and the number of pod lights can be tailored to your specific needs.

Mounting Pod Lights to Your Tailgate: 

The tailgate of your Jeep, Rzr, or other OHV is a great place to consider mounting individual pod lights.  Off-road pod lights can focus light specifically where you need it and mounting them on your tailgate, in addition to other areas of your OHV will give you the “surround sound” of lighting.  Late night tail-gating while hunting, camping, fishing, and racing the dunes will be that much better with the additional lighting.

Adding Pod Lights to Your Bull Bar:

Ever been stuck on the trail with your OHV? It’s a matter of when, not if.  While the bull bar is there to protect your front end during a collision and serve as a mount for a wench, it can be even more useful when you use it as a mounting point for your off-road pod lights.  Pod lights on your bull bar will provide additional forward light while you are driving but they can also be helpful in a sticky situation.  When, not if, you need to pull a fellow OHV driver out of a situation, being ready with pod lights mounted on your bull bar will give you the additional light you need to hook up and tow another OHV safely and quickly.

Mounting Pod Lights to your Front Fenders:

The fenders on your OHV are not just there to frame your wheels and tires. They can also serve as a mounting point for your OHV pod lights.  Rock crawling enthusiasts and professionals alike can appreciate the need for off-road pod lights when climbing steep terrain.  Mounting pod lights underneath your front fenders can help you see the wheels and where they are pointed in relation to the rocky terrain you are climbing.  Your fenders naturally follow the direction your wheels are pointed and as a result, pod lights mounted on your OHV fenders will illuminate the direction your tires are headed.  Allowing you to traverse the rocks carefully and successfully. 

Pod lights and brackets from SD Lighting are a great and fairly easy way to improve your OHV. Make the ride more enjoyable, and increase safety while you are enjoying the trails, the dunes, or a quick family ride up the mesa by installing off-road pod lights to your vehicle.

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