Taylor Yank


Taylor "Dirtchick" Yank is an avid Duner, Desert Racer, Barrel Racer and Photographer. Although she grew up on the water, now a days you will mostly find her in the desert! She has an addiction to off-roading, and perosnally owns 2 Can-am X3s, one of which is being built into a Pro Turbo Spec desert car.

She has done some smaller desert series in the past with several podiums and is looking forward to future races!

She is one to keep an eye on, when she isn't behind the wheel, you can find her co-driving, pitting, or behind the lens. She will find every opportunity to be at the races and have helped several teams in the process. Currently her racing team is small on the logistic level, but huge outside of it.

"I am thankful for the many friends I have made that go out of their way to help me achieve my goals, too many to list. The racing world is an amazing place, especially coming from a non-race family and trying to claw my way to the race course. With that said, I do not have a solid list of "here's my team", but I have countless people who have encouraged and helped me along that I know I can count on when its time to hit the course. I look forward to the future, and especially my future with the SD Lighting Family"



Taylor Yank